Bug 83260

Wols Lists antlists at youngman.org.uk
Wed Jan 10 13:27:29 UTC 2018

On 10/01/18 09:26, Miklos Vajna wrote:
> Yes, that's a known behavior, in the past I broke it and it created a
> new redline every second, that was not funny. ;-)

Can I just add, thinking with my user hat on, this can be somewhat of a
shock to the user - principle of least surprise etc and "why when I'm
typing fast do I get lots of stuff as a single event, and when I type
slow I get individual characters as single events?".

There's an argument for saying that redlines should break on eg a cursor
move, or a sentence, or a paragraph. Imho moving the cursor should
always trigger a new redline event regardless of what else is going on,
and when you're just generally typing, being able to select per sentence
or paragraph would be nice.

(Oh, and I think it's been fixed, but does autocorrect now trigger a new
redline between the user edit and the autocorrect? I remember having
apalling grief years ago trying to stop Calc (or was it a table)
corrupting what I was typing. I couldn't disable autocorrect - the
normal box said it was disabled - and every time I tried to undo the
auto-corrupt, it deleted what I'd typed as well.)


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