Bug 83260

Yemelyanenko Fyodor fyodor_e at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 12 05:18:23 UTC 2018

Sadly removing call to CompresRedlines is not good solution…
AppendRedlines still calls CompresRedlines and CompresRedlines does it dirty job by invalidating indexes…

I prefer to modify CompresRedlines so it only compresses Redlines if they are inside same node and disable cross-node compressions. As only same-minute redlines can be compressed this viewed as allowable solution.

With these modification LO is stable when autocreecting and Undo/Redo
Patch is here https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/47686

Anyone (especially those with commit rights)are welcomed to review this patch.

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On Tue, Jan 09, 2018 at 05:10:00AM +0000, Yemelyanenko Fyodor <fyodor_e at hotmail.com<mailto:fyodor_e at hotmail.com>> wrote:
 I think that the best solution for bug in question is to remove call to CompresRedlines from Undo/Redo. So Undo/Redo won't compress redlines and change indexes.
 I don't like to change CompresRedlines as it called by AppendRedline and from several other places.
 For me such solution can be safest.

That sounds like a good approach, I was also confused how redlining and
undo compresses the events.

This would also ensure that the behavior of how to compress redline in
saved documents is not changing, which is probably a good thing.

 PS Its funny, that if you type some text in single paragraph with
 change tracking = ON, you'll get new redline every single minute, even
 if you type continuously :-) This is by design, as AppendRedline calls
 CanCombine which only allows combining those text, which has been
 typed during single minute

Yes, that's a known behavior, in the past I broke it and it created a
new redline every second, that was not funny. ;-)


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