Let failed Jenkins builds set Verified: -1 in Gerrit?

David Ostrovsky d.ostrovsky at gmx.de
Sun Mar 11 08:59:55 UTC 2018

On Fri Mar 9 19:14:33 UTC 2018, Eike Rathke wrote:

>> On Tuesday, 2018-03-06 10:09:22 +0100, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
>> for a Gerrit change on which I'm listed as reviewer, I do get mails
for mine
>> and all other people's comments, just not for comments from Jenkins.
>Same here. I also don't get Jenkins comments mails for changes in
>that touch my Watched Projects list (under Settings), even though
>I ticked All Comments for each entry there as well.

You and Stephan tell us, that you do want to be notified from
Jenkins and get all that spam (on start job and finish job, and re-
scheduled verification on rebases, and fixed patch sets in case first
17 verifications failed). Other developers told us the wuite the
opposite: shutdown the notification firehose and stop spam reviewers.

Gerrit has a mean for that: ACL "Email Reviewers" that can be denied:
[1] that id documented on Gerrit ACL page: [2] and to be easy to find
is even documented on the Jenkins Gerrit Trigger plugin: [3].

The bottom line of the discussion was: we shutdown the firehose and
disallow Jenkins to spam reviewers. On this screenshot, from All-
Project ACL page in gerrit, you can see how/where this DENY rule is
implemented: [4].

Of course, we could easily remove that DENY rule (again), but
I'm sure, that this would just restart the bikeshedding on that topic
that would probably end up (again) in disabling the firehose.

But let us do a step back and re-visit this thread: the actual
problem we are trying to solve is a different one: a missing
feedback from Jenkins on failed verifications jobs. Let me repeat
this again: the LibreOffice Gerrit-Jenkins setup deviates from
the standard recommended setup, by preventing voting Verified-1 on
failed builds.

That was an oversight, as confirmed by infra team, and in case of
false negative, Verified-1 vote can be easily removed by anyone, who
was granted the Remove Revievers ACL. In recent gerrit versions, I
even added "Delete Vote" feature, that let you preserve the reviewer
on a change, and only remove the vote. I would like to re-new my
call and ask infra team (again) to enable voting Verified-1 on failed

My proposal to solve that for now and avoid future discussions:

1. Grant "Remove Reviewer" ACL to stewards group: [5]. That way many
devs are able to drop the wrong vote, and someone is always on the IRC.
2. Re-configure Jenkins Trigger Plugin set-up and enable voting of
Verified-1 on failed jobs.

[1] https://github.com/GerritCodeReview/gerrit/commit/d9488f0c37084f3e8
[2] https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/Documentation/access-control
[3] https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Gerrit+Trigger#GerritTrigge
[4] https://imgur.com/a/Lz3XM
[5] https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/Documentation/access-control

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