How to make unokywds.hxx from module sd usable for svdlayer.cxx in module svx?

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Tue Sep 18 15:21:04 UTC 2018

On the other hand, do we really consider what sd/source/ui/inc/unokywds.hxx
exhibits to be good style?

My personal impression has been that we want to eventually get rid of stuff
like this and just use literal strings as such in the code, and I have
occasionally committed changes like that.

But of course, I have to admit that exactly the kind of error that Regina
is fixing here would not have happened if that svdlayer.cxx file had
consistently only used variables containing those strings.

Still... I can't stand how unokywds.hxx completely arbitrarily sometimes
spells the variable exactly using the same case of characters as the
contents (for example sUNO_Service_FillProperties[] =
""), sometimes differently (for
example sUNO_PseudoSheet_SubTitle[] = "subtitle" and sUNO_shape_zorder[] =
"ZOrder"). No consistency at all. Infuriating.

it is also annoying if some string is *both* present as literals here and
there, and *also* as the contents of some const variable in other places.
And maybe as another const variable in still other places. And a #define in
even more places....

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