Hello, I am Interested in Helping Libre Office

Eliter Awesomeness eliterdaboss at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 02:28:41 UTC 2018

 I am interested in helping Libre Office to be a better piece of software
than it currently is. With the rise of Google and Microsoft switching from
software providers to cloud providers rises my concern about privacy, and
how little people will actually own in the future. Our government (United
States for me) has button just sitting on her desk in which they are more
easily able to take advantage of their vantage point, and I believe it is
only a matter of time before the temptation pushes her to push it.
 I figured a nice introduction about myself would be great, so that we can
get started working on this as a team. I live in Arizona, United States, my
timezone is UTC-7 and does not change from daylight savings.
 I have experience in software development. I played Minecraft, and
ComputerCraft got me interested in Lua. I then wrote a little HTML, which
lead into checking out ASP (which Microsoft did not release for free at the
time, screwing themselves over), leading me to play with PHP, leading to
Linux. I then got into some Java programming to make plugins for Sponge
API, a Minecraft server modding-ish platform.
 As you may tell, my English skills aren't that bad, so I think I would do
well in documentation if needed.
 I have never actually finished any coding projects I have started, and
never really have gotten anything past looking like a "test" project. I
always see how my own code can be written better, and so sometimes I spend
so much time between building a robust framework, being more processor and
RAM efficient, and being security-conscientious, that sometimes I don't
even get the job done because I'm still working on the more boring
prerequisites to getting something to work.
 I have no formal education in literally any area in computers or
networking, it's all from playing around and reading a few pages from books
and examples.

I hope I can put some really useful work to this project,
Eli D.
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