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Tue Sep 25 21:00:34 UTC 2018

On 2018-09-24 7:16 p.m., Larrabee, Kevin P wrote:
> I am a member of the Product Selection & Sustainment group at Lockheed Martin RMS. 

If you really are from Lockheed Martin, and your job really requires you
to track product obsolescence, you wouldn't be sending something that
looks like a badly crafting phishing attempt to a developer list.

What you'd do, is go to whoever provides LibreOffice support to
Lockhead-Martin, and have them provide that information. If your support
contract doesn't mandate that it be provided, then fire whoever
negotiated that contract, because they are too incompetent to be trusted
with anything more complicated that a piece of paper.

If your organization doesn't have a support contract, then:
a) Go to a FLOSS conference --- there was one in San Diego a couple of
months ago --- and connect with somebody who contributes to LibreOffice
b) Push for either a third party support contract for LibreOffice, or
have an in-house LibreOffice support unit, because the LibreOffice
release cycle is so fast, that by the time a specific version has been
approved for deployment throughout the enterprise, it has been EOLd.

As one example of the rapid change, With LibO 6.0 BAILS was on a Menu
Bar. With LibO 6.1, it is hidden as an Expert Configuration Item.

> Are the software products :
> ➢ Currently available?

LibreOffice 3.3 was released on 25 January 2011.
That version, and every version of LibreOffice that has been released
since then, can be found at

Source code can be found at

LibreOffice has a major release roughly every six months: January & July.
LibreOffice had a minor release at roughly six week intervals.

"Currently available" depends upon how you define the term.

> ➢ Currently supported?

"Currently supported" depends upon how you define the term.

Typically, support for a major release ends nine months after the
release date.

_The Document Foundation_ provides a list of organizations and
individuals that have LibreOffice Certification at

Individuals and organisations may choose to provide support for
LibreOffice past the LibreOffice scheduled End-of-life date.
This support (Post-EOL) is why the organisation you are ostensibly
employed by, needs to have either a support contract with one of the
organisations listed at or else have
an in-house support unit, that tracks changes to LibO. And, perhaps,
more significantly, give the LibO developers a head's up, if something
scheduled for depreciation would have an adverse impact on how your
organisation used LibO.

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