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Cyrille lafricain79 at
Mon Apr 29 14:52:39 UTC 2019

I did some tests with similar languages. I install the Tamil and the
Thai oxt spellcheckers, both give nothing as correction (with little V
green logo).
But Tamil I install it on a system already and it worked well. Why now
not? Probably the problem is the same for all this 3 spellcheckers?

Il 29/04/2019 14:51, Eike Rathke ha scritto:
> Hi Cyrille,
> On Saturday, 2019-04-27 18:06:20 +0200, Cyrille wrote:
>> For dictionary on this link
>> <>
>> I found an old extension with an hunspell dic for OpenOffice and it is
>> probably possible to create a new extension for Libreoffice.
> talks about my-MMDict.oxt and says that would need some Myanmar word
> break patches as well to work. It says "You only need the .diff patch
> files" but doesn't list any .diff patch files (or I'm blind).
> But since then years went by and maybe ICU word break does something
> suiting now.
> says "RIP Keith Stribley. 1976 - 2011"
> so I guess he's dead and nothing will happen there. There's
> a "Myanmar line breaking and
> spellchecking extension for" that you maybe could fork
> and continue.
>> I'm ready
>> to do the work, but I couldn't maintain it. Would it be possible to add
>> it directly to Libreoffice sources?
> If nobody is going to maintain it then sticking it into LibO core
> doesn't help either. For an extension then it would be better if it was
> hosted at GitLab or GitHub so anyone willing could submit pull requests
> (that you would have to handle), or fork and continue development.
>> The same page says that the ui is translated but on Ubuntu I couldn't
>> see the translation with the "my" locale. the
>> page says too that graphite give this UI translation, then how to use it
>> on LO?
> You can't expect a translation of another version (specifically not OOo)
> to work in a current LibreOffice version. Maybe Ubuntu doesn't offer
> a 'my' language pack in its current version, I don't know.
> LO has its (54%) Burmese 'my' translation, see
> and installation packs
> are available, just choose the "need another language?" link on the
> download page and look for Burmese.
>   Eike

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