Support for the Apache Parquet file format

Shadi Akiki shadi at
Fri Nov 22 07:37:12 UTC 2019

Hello! Is there any work being done to support the Apache Parquet file 

The two data processing tools that I use locally with parquet are:

  * python pandas [1] [2] for programmatic access
  * visidata [3] (CLI that uses pandas under the hood) for more
    "interactive" access

I'm wondering why Parquet is not yet a supported format in LibreOffice 
Calc (and most desktop worksheet processing tools for that matter).

On an unrelated note, I was also surprised to find out that Tableau only 
supports Parquet through a database server like Apache Drill [4][5].

I feel that parquet files are under-rated, and that perhaps pushing for 
native desktop application support would encourage its usage over the 
standard (and less efficient) CSV file format. I may be completely wrong 
and would welcome feedback.

  * [1]
  * [2]
  * [3]
  * [4]
  * [5]

Shadi Akiki
Founder & CEO, AutofitCloud
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