MacOS support; agenda item ESC

julien2412 serval2412 at
Sat Apr 25 09:11:29 UTC 2020


Here are some points:
1) Notarization.
, it seems we're stuck.
Reading from last ESC (eg:,
it seems we must wait for votes.
Since we don't know if it'll be voted and if it's voted how much times we
will have to wait for a fix, shouldn't we stop temporarily to release LO for
MacOs or at least indicate not compatible with Catalina 10.15 ?

2) There was some call to pay Mac machines for some interested devs, what's
the situation now? Did TDF pay them? If yes, have the machines between
interested LO devs?
I didn't find info on ESCs but it's quite possible I missed it.

3) About Collabora, like for Skia (see my post here:,
I think it's risky to depend only from Collabora for MacOs bugs fixing.
Against, nothing against this company but LO shouldn't rely only on it.


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