Styles Inspector Week 10 Report

Shivam Kumar Singh shivamhere247 at
Wed Aug 12 10:24:58 UTC 2020


Sorry for sending the report a bit late, I was waiting for an under review
patch to get merged.
Work Done :-
* The Inspector panel's predefined sizing led to a vertical scroll bar
inside the sidebar's vertical sidebar. Resolved at tdf#135344
* Set Ellipsize for proper viewing of properties in Inspector
* All the "Border" related properties are stored in STRUCT in UNO API,
Added support to view them properly in the Inspector
* Fixed LO crash when using a macro with Inspector enabled. tdf#135528
tdf#135491. MERGED

To Do -
* Make a uno command to launch Inspector
* Start writing documentation of SI on a new page in LibreOffice's Wiki.

The Styles Inspector is in a very good shape for testing. I request
everyone to use the panel and list any bugs found or feature requests on
Meta tdf#134554.
The Inspector can be accessed from the sidebar.
Thank you!

Shivam Kumar Singh
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