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Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Tue Jan 25 10:20:58 UTC 2022

On 24/01/2022 18.40, Ilmari Lauhakangas wrote:
> These ideas are missing mentors:

There was a discussion on that "Improve UX for deaf people" topic in 
2020, thread starting at [1]. Reading the last email [2], it sounds to 
me like there was a consensus that a separate application using the 
existing a11y APIs would be the best way forward.

At a quick glance, [3] looks like an actual application has been 
developed for Linux in the meantime (and something similar should be 
possible for Windows using MSAA).

However, that's my impression from only a quick glance at the project in 
GitLab and a machine-translation from its Spanish README.

Does anybody know more about that or whether there are any specific 
issues that would still need work on LO side (or whether the suggested 
GSoC suggestion has become obsolete in the meanwhile)?



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