Using SVG module from Skia

Xisco Fauli xiscofauli at
Fri Apr 28 09:36:28 UTC 2023


On 28/4/23 11:12, Hossein Nourikhah wrote:
> I think there can be a good rationale for using Skia, or other good 
> external SVG libraries, considering the use case of the two SVG import 
> filters, which includes converting an SVG unchanged:
> 1) svgio: For Insert -> Image -> From File
> 2) filter/source/svg used to open SVG file 

LibreOffice doesn't have two SVG import filters anymore. The filter in 
filter/source/svg was replaced by svgio as part of this 
See 3ca7be09834a26fbd1c371deabd7a58111092676 and 
3087011e2eb810866276e270a6fc61a7e0998fec among other commits.


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