[Mesa-dev] S2TC - yet another attempt to solve the "S3TC issue"

Philipp Klaus Krause pkk at spth.de
Wed Aug 10 02:51:41 PDT 2011

Am 10.08.2011 11:46, schrieb Rudolf Polzer:
> Speaking of BPTC - what is its patent situation? From a quick glance at the
> extension spec, it does seem to use S3TC's interpolation method, so it likely
> is not safe from S3's patents. But I may be wrong there, as BPTC is quite messy
> and convoluted, and I may have misinterpreted that interpolation value
> sequence.

The ARB says "No known IP claims.". HTC probably says that the S3TC
patent applies to virtually all kinds of texture compression.


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