[Mesa-dev] MapTextureImage patch series for review

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Mon Aug 15 11:53:30 PDT 2011

Here's my "mti-tested" branch of the map-texture-image-v4 work.  It's
not regressing on intel or softpipe, and in fact fixes a couple of
tests now on those.  It is not as complete a rework as
map-texture-image-v4, but it's quite a bit of the change and it it
should be bisectable (I've had to several times so far to work out the
regressions in map-texture-image-v4).

Radeon still has one regression that looks like a driver issue where
it fails to render to the temporary FBO in the
compressed-mipmap-generation decompression path.

Nouveau has code in place, but it's totally untested.  I did get some
hardware, finally, but it just hung at X startup.  I couldn't use
Francisco's patch really, because it was a one-shot deal at the end of
the old series, while I didn't do many of the changes that it was
adapting to.  Nouveau could definitely remove more code once this
branch lands, but I wasn't too excited about doing much there when I
couldn't test it.

I'm still a little uncomfortable with the GetTexImage decompression
path, since we have no tests of trying to getteximage from compresed
internalformats to weird format/types.  We really need GetTexImage
testing in general -- the rgtc stuff was about all I had on hand.

However, despite the two driver issues, I'd still like to push the
code.  I think it makes maintenance of classic drivers much easier.
Before doing so, I'd like to get at last an ack from Brian and the
other driver maintainers for the changes to their stuff.  If you don't
want to review/ack the whole series, just mention it for the driver
patch in question.

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