[Mesa-dev] [RFC-PATCH 0/2] share source lists between scons and make

Chia-I Wu olvaffe at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 02:48:13 PDT 2011

The goal of this RFC series is to allow scons and make to share the
source lists.  The source lists of Makefile's are constantly changing
and we have had enough "fix SCons build" in the git log.

For that to be possible, source lists in Makefile's are expected to be
factored out to sources.mak.  Makefile can include sources.mak directly.
The first patch allows SConscript to include sources.mak through the
ParseSourcesMak method.  The second patch converts gallium/auxiliary to
make use of the new method, as an example.

The syntax of sources.mak is a very small subset of GNU Make.
Currently, only :=, +=, and simple variable dereference are supported.
While being small, it already allows us to do something like

  C_SOURCES := \
    foo.c \

  # these files are generated


I could not find a Makefile parser for python so I have to write
one (simple, less than 100 lines) from scratch.


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