[Mesa-dev] OpenGL to DirectX with Mesa3D

Gustaw Smolarczyk wielkiegie at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 12:14:00 PDT 2011

2011/8/25 Anonimo Veneziano <anoven at hotmail.co.uk>:
> Hi all
> I am a programmer but not very skilled in 3D graphics (so pardon me if I
> write something wrong).
> I need to build my own opengl32.dll to redirect my OpenGL application calls
> to DirectX (better if 10 or 11, but 9 could be ok too)
> TitaniumGL and 3DAnalyzer dont work for my case (already tested, application
> crashes).
> 1. Do you know if some other OpenGL->DirectX converter exist that I could
> use?

What about Google's ANGLE ([1])? AFAIK, it implements OpenGL ES 2.0 on
top of Direct3D 9.

> I am trying to use Mesa3D v7.10.3, and in particular I found GLDirect very
> interesting, but I am not able to get it compiled with dx9. I see it has
> been changed since GLDirect 5.0.2 old released version (that is of no use
> for me, it's opengl 1.1).
> So in Mesa v7.10.3 I tried to compile GLDirect and fixed some errors but at
> the moment I had some errors I cannot fix compiling "gld_primitive_dx9.c"
> and "gld_texture_dx9.c":
> for example in the first file the structures SWvertex (from swrast.h) and
> gl_context (from mtypes.h) seems different from those defined in Mesa,
> 2. Did someone compile GLDirect in Mesa 7.10.3? Can you help me to do it?
> 3. Could Gallium help me in some way? I am not sure to have understood well
> it...
> Many thanks in advance and sorry to have bothered you but I am in a hurry on
> a project and hope to get some solution!
> Regards
> smanetto
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[1] http://code.google.com/p/angleproject/

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