[Mesa-dev] OpenGL to DirectX with Mesa3D

Anonimo Veneziano anoven at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Aug 25 10:55:18 PDT 2011

Hi all
I am a programmer but not very skilled in 3D graphics (so pardon me if I write something wrong). 
I need to build my own opengl32.dll to redirect my OpenGL application calls to DirectX (better if 10 or 11, but 9 could be ok too)
TitaniumGL and 3DAnalyzer dont work for my case (already tested, application crashes).
1. Do you know if some other OpenGL->DirectX converter exist that I could use?
I am trying to use Mesa3D v7.10.3, and in particular I found GLDirect very interesting, but I am not able to get it compiled with dx9. I see it has been changed since GLDirect 5.0.2 old released version (that is of no use for me, it's opengl 1.1). 
So in Mesa v7.10.3 I tried to compile GLDirect and fixed some errors but at the moment I had some errors I cannot fix compiling "gld_primitive_dx9.c" and "gld_texture_dx9.c":
for example in the first file the structures SWvertex (from swrast.h) and gl_context (from mtypes.h) seems different from those defined in Mesa,
2. Did someone compile GLDirect in Mesa 7.10.3? Can you help me to do it?
3. Could Gallium help me in some way? I am not sure to have understood well it...
Many thanks in advance and sorry to have bothered you but I am in a hurry on a project and hope to get some solution!
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