[Mesa-dev] DEATH to old drivers!

matthew green mrg at eterna.com.au
Fri Aug 26 01:52:28 PDT 2011

hi folks,

>  - Remove all DRI1 drivers: i810, mach64, mga, r128, savage, sis, tdfx,
> and unichrome.

over in netbsd land we're still lagging on DRI2 support[*].  of
the above cards, i've hard successful reports on mach64, mga,
r128 and tdfx in the last couple of years, though the only cards i
know of being used for a real system are mga and tdfx.

i don't want you to hold up future maintenence, but if you could
keep at least mga and tdfx that would be great.



[*] keeping up with DRM in linux is hard work.  you guys are
very active.

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