[Mesa-dev] More big-endian patches

Richard Sandiford rsandifo at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Jul 21 08:21:36 PDT 2014


Sorry for the much longer than intended delay, but I've finally got back
to the big-endian stuff that Adam an I started last year.  To recap,
the initial patches were enough to get a gnome desktop working on big-endian
PowerPC and System z, which was the initial goal, but due to time constraints
we left many other formats unfixed.  This of course meant that there were
still many more piglit failures than on an "equivalent" x86_64 setup.

These patches are a belated attempt to deal with Michel's concerns in:


I'm not sure how this will affect other drivers, but at least it should
mean that the formats are more consistent and so give the drivers more
chance of doing the right thing.  There should be no effect on little-
endian targets for any driver.

All the patches were tested against piglit on both System z and x86_64.
There were no regressions for either target and there were many new
passes for z.

There are three multi-patch series:

- fix u_format.csv definitions for various formats
- fix overall handling of LA and RG formats
- fix overall handling of 8888 SNORM and SRGB formats (UNORMs were part
  of the initial work)

It would probably make sense to squash each series into a single commit.
There are also a few individual patches.

I don't have commit access so please apply if OK.


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