[Mesa-dev] [Bug 64324] memory leak of visual info

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Mon Jul 21 13:47:47 PDT 2014


--- Comment #1 from Andy Skinner <askinner at mathworks.com> ---
Any chance someone could look at this?  We still get it reported as a leak,
though it is in a large system and it would be hard to send a repro case.  I
admit we have't updated in a while, but the code is the same.  If we could see
this isn't a bug and we are using something wrong (our  use of Mesa here is
inside another 3rd party software library), that would also help.

The difference between XMesaDestroyVisual (frees a single XMesaVisual and its
XMesaVisualInfo) and destroy_visuals_on_display (only frees an array of
XMesaVisuals but not their XMesaVisualInfos) seems clear.  If
destroy_visuals_on_display is not supposed to free the XVisualInfo, what is?

The leaking object is said to be allocated in XGetVisualInfo, called from


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