[Mesa-dev] [PATCH v2] r600g: Implement GL_ARB_sample_shading

Alexandre Demers alexandre.f.demers at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 21:10:48 PDT 2014

Tested with v3. I get the same result as before: everything is fine 
except the gs-atan-vec2 test.

I don't know if this is of any value, but running the command manually 
in a shell gives the following: 
PIGLIT: {"result": "pass" }

I assume the test ran correctly, but not in the context of the piglit 
run, am I right?

Alexandre Demers

On 15/09/14 01:15 AM, Alexandre Demers wrote:
> Sorry for the delay, I've been away for work and with not much free 
> time lately.
> I'll have a look at it as soon as possible.
> Alexandre Demers
> On 10/09/14 06:16 AM, Glenn Kennard wrote:
>> On Sat, 06 Sep 2014 04:00:01 +0200, Alexandre Demers 
>> <alexandre.f.demers at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Thanks Marek, you were right.
>>> So, on cayman, after comparing results from both runs, it seems 
>>> there is only one regression which is gs-atan-vec2 under glsl-1.50:
>>> piglit/bin/shader_runner 
>>> /home/ademers/projects/display/piglit/generated_tests/spec/glsl-1.50/execution/built-in-functions/gs-atan-vec2.shader_test 
>>> -auto
>>> The returned value is the following:
>>> Probe color at (5,0)
>>>    Expected: 0.000000 1.000000 0.000000 1.000000
>>>    Observed: 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000
>> I've found that some of the piglit geometry shader tests tend to fail 
>> once one GPU reset has occurred, and persist until the next power 
>> cycle. Did you do a cold restart after the x crash and re-running the 
>> tests? Might be worth trying just re-running the failing test after a 
>> restart and see if it goes away.
>> /Glenn

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