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--- Comment #2 from Roland Scheidegger <sroland at vmware.com> ---
It is not really llvmpipe specific, it is more or less luck this passes with
softpipe, the actual logic refusing too large textures is very similar.
But softpipe announces a limit of 4k for cube maps, whereas llvmpipe says 8k.
It is true though that with the memory limit we impose (1GB) we can't actually
even handle a 2 (with mips) or 4 channel (even without mips) (with just 8 bits
per channel, uncompressed) cube map, but this isn't required unless I'm missing
something, and it is quite ok to simply say out_of_memory (this could be
queried via proxy textures). That the test only ever tries to submit the
smallest mip levels doesn't matter, we allocate the whole thing in any case.

I'm inclined to mark this as NOTABUG, the test looks bogus. If you'd try the
same with, say, RGBA32F textures, you'd see this fail on softpipe as well.

(We could, of course, increase the limit, but even twice that would not quite
be enough for what the tests wants - not sure if all the math would be
unsigned-safe to increase it further to the required "some bytes more than than
2GB due to padding" but in any case I don't think we really want to do that.)

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