[Mesa-dev] [Bug 91596] EGL_KHR_gl_colorspace (v2) causes problem with Android-x86 GUI

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--- Comment #20 from Chih-Wei Huang <cwhuang at android-x86.org> ---
(In reply to Rob Clark from comment #17)
> (In reply to Emil Velikov from comment #15)
> > (In reply to Chih-Wei Huang from comment #11)
> > > Mesa still doesn't support PIXEL_FORMAT_RGBA_8888?
> > 
> > It should, depending on how exactly you define the formats. I've looked a

The android's definition.

> > while back for some android documentation but I came short. Have you seen
> > any ?

Please read about line 454

If WORKAROUND_BUG_10194508 is not enabled,
HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RGBA_8888 is chosen and then
we only got black screen since
SurfaceFlinger crashed due to no surface.

> > Upon closer look the mappings in drm_format_from_hal and get_pipe_format
> > look very funny.

What does it mean? What's funny?

> fwiw, there is a bogus patch that needs to be reverted in drm_gralloc, see:
> https://github.com/robclark/drm_gralloc/commit/
> 34bf9d8566aaf97a0f2adb127836134078abd340

That's a try-and-error patch.
Without it we just got black screen for vmwgfx.
So what's your suggested solution?

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