[Mesa-dev] [Bug 92552] [softpipe] piglit egl-create-context-valid-flag-forward-compatible-gl regression

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--- Comment #7 from Boyan Ding <stu_dby at 126.com> ---
(In reply to Matthew Waters from comment #5)
> IIRC, when I made that original patch over a year ago, I stole that logic
> from the GLX code which does exactly the same thing.
> Essentially the problem is whether "OpenGL version" is the requested version
> in the EGLConfig or the effective version.  I would argue that it's
> ultimately impossible to know the effective version without creating a
> context so the "OpenGL version" therefore refers to the requested version in
> the EGLConfig.
> I also wonder about the relevance.  Forward compatible contexts only
> appeared in GL >= 3.0 versions so if an application knows about
> forward-compatible, it knows that it's GL >= 3.0 only and must at least
> request a GL >= 3.0 to be able to use the flag.  Requesting a GL < 3.0
> context with forward compatible is a dangerous game to be playing.

Just checked with the glx code and I think you got the point here.

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