[Mesa-dev] [Bug 93551] Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition(Native) crash on start

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--- Comment #10 from Jamey Sharp <jamey at minilop.net> ---
(In reply to smidjar2.reg from comment #6)
> I disassembled ApplyConstants() where the game crashes when using OpenGL
> override to 4.2.

I spent a while poking at this crash in gdb, and I was definitely seeing the
same segfault at the same instruction and call-stack.

I've sent a (one-line!) patch to mesa-dev that fixes this segfault on startup:


And a Piglit patch that tests for the non-conforming behavior that led to this


Thanks to Karol Herbst's mesa-dev post, linked from comment #7, for pointing me
in the right direction to find this Mesa bug.

Granted, the game developers ought to check for errors returned from
glLinkProgram and fail more gracefully than a segfault, but I doubt we're going
to get them to do *that*...

I can now play this game somewhat successfully on i965 with
MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.2. There are still plenty of rendering bugs I
haven't dug into yet, but I played for an hour without crashes, at least!

I don't have (or particularly want) a commit bit on Mesa or Piglit, so now we
need somebody to review and hopefully merge these patches.

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