[Mesa-dev] [Bug 97879] [amdgpu] Rocket League: long hangs (several seconds) when loading assets (models/textures/shaders?)

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Fri Oct 28 12:49:33 UTC 2016


--- Comment #39 from Stefano Cipriani <cip91sk at gmail.com> ---
Playing against bots with an AMD r9 m265x (cape verde) using DRI_PRIME=1
rendered via Intel HD Graphics 4600 the game it's not playable for about 30+
seconds, bot cars start to one every 5~10 seconds. When playing online I get
the hangs for about the same time.

I made a trace of an offline match with the git version of apitrace, and I can
replay it with both git and stable version. You can find it at


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