[Mesa-dev] Time to merge threaded GL dispatch? (aka glthread)

Marek Olšák maraeo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 16:04:01 UTC 2017

On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 4:14 PM, Gregory Hainaut
<gregory.hainaut at gmail.com> wrote:
> If I remember correctly I got something like 4K-8K fails (total is 40K
> tests)  when I broke the GL1 restore dispatch function. So it is
> around 10%-20%. Maybe it was only the test below 3.1. I was afraid
> that various modern extension could still be tested with some GL1
> drawing.

The number of tests run doesn't necessarily correspond to the amount
of test coverage. 10 tests doing different things can be more useful
than 10000 tests doing the same thing.


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