[Mesa-dev] [Bug 110603] Blocky and black opacity/alpha using RADV on some games

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Wed Jun 19 21:06:43 UTC 2019


--- Comment #6 from tivoboma at hostguru.top ---
I experienced a visually similar issue in witcher3 after updating my gentoo
system with a RX 570. Notable changes:
- installed mesa 19.1 (from 19.0.x, not sure which exact version)
- updated wine to 4.10 (from 4.6 iirc)
- migrated the gentoo profile from 17.0 to to the 17.1 (including all
recommended rebuilds)

Switching back to mesa 19.0.6 does not fix the issue, but setting the
RADV_DEBUG environment variable to "nohiz" does. Maybe that helps to identify
the issue?

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