[Mesa-dev] What does WIP really mean in an MR?

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Sat Jun 29 00:12:38 UTC 2019

After a conversation yesterday with a couple of the other Intel devs,
I've come to the conclusion that *everyone* interprets WIP to mean
something different.  I heard no less than four interpretations.

* This series is good.  It hasn't been reviewed, so don't click "merge."

* This series has some sketchy bits.  It probably isn't ready for review
unless you've been tagged for design feedback.

* This series has been reviewed.  Incorporation of detailed feedback is
in progress, but it's going to take some time.

* This series is good, but there are some questionable patches at the end.

Due to this lack of common understanding, we discovered at least one MR
that was ready to go but had been ignored for months. :(  This makes me
wonder if other MRs have similarly languished for no good reason.

Can we formulate some guidelines for how people should apply WIP to
their MRs and how people should interpret WIP when they see it on an MR?

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