[Mesa-dev] Workflow Proposal

Alyssa Rosenzweig alyssa at collabora.com
Thu Oct 7 13:00:19 UTC 2021

> I would love to see this be the process across Mesa.  We already don't
> rewrite commit messages for freedreno and i915g, and I only have to do
> the rebase (busy-)work for my projects in other areas of the tree.

Likewise for Panfrost. At least, I don't do the rewriting. Some Panfrost
devs do, which I'm fine with. But it's not a requirement to merging.

The arguments about "who can help support this years from now?" are moot
at our scale... the team is small enough that the name on the reviewer
is likely the code owner / maintainer, and patches regularly go in
unreviewed for lack of review bandwidth.

I think it's reasonable that small driver teams and large common
components have different review needs, and it's ok for the process to
reflect that.

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