[Mesa-dev] Workflow Proposal

Timur Kristóf timur.kristof at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 08:35:27 UTC 2021

On Thu, 2021-10-07 at 09:38 +0300, Martin Roukala (néé Peres) wrote:
> I'm with Jordan and Emma on this. Just have Marge add as many 
> "Approved-by: @USERID" to every commit in the series as there are
> people 
> who pressed the "Approve" button, and be done with it :)
> Since it is a different tag, we know it was a "Whole-MR ACK" rather
> than 
> a per-patch one, which would come in the Reviewed/Acked/Tested-by
> form.
> Thanks for raising this up Mike!
> Martin


I've never had a problem with manually adding Reviewed-by tags, but
best would be to have an approve or review button next to each commit,
which would allow us to approve individual commits rather than entire
merge requests.

If GitLab only supports per-merge-request granularity, the approve
approach sounds fine for merge requests that aren't cross-cutting and
therefore don't need reviewers from multiple teams. (I guess these are
the the majority of MRs.)

However, for larger MRs that touch eg. multiple drivers and/or NIR, I
think the old review process is better (until we can do per-commit
approval in GitLab). 

Best regards,

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