[Mesa-dev] [ANNOUNCE] mesa 21.3.0-rc2

Eric Engestrom eric at engestrom.ch
Wed Oct 20 20:18:24 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

The second release candidate is now available, containing mostly zink & amd
fixes, and a handful of patches for everything else.

Please test it and report any issue here:

Issues that should block the release of 21.3.0 should be added to the
corresponding milestone:



Alyssa Rosenzweig (1):
      panfrost: Don't allow rendering/texturing 48-bit

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (1):
      radv: Fix modifier property query.

Boris Brezillon (2):
      vulkan: Fix weak symbol emulation when compiling with MSVC
      vulkan: Set unused entrypoints to vk_entrypoint_stub when compiling with MSVC

Clayton Craft (1):
      anv: don't advertise vk conformance on GPUs that aren't conformant

Dave Airlie (1):
      llvmpipe: fix userptr for texture resources.

Derek Foreman (1):
      egl/wayland: Properly clear stale buffers on resize

Eric Engestrom (3):
      .pick_status.json: Update to 86b3d8c66ce17ddcaefa5bdea68882cc03a57f15
      .pick_status.json: Mark 7a2e40df5e8490de739c66865f90fa6804e41f6d as denominated
      VERSION: bump for 21.3.0-rc2

Ian Romanick (1):
      nir/loop_unroll: Always unroll loops that iterate at most once

Jan Beich (1):
      meson: disable -Werror=thread-safety on FreeBSD

Jason Ekstrand (2):
      vulkan/log: Tweak our handling of a couple error enums
      i965: Emit a NULL surface for buffer textures with no buffer

Karol Herbst (1):
      spirv: Don't add 0.5 to array indicies for OpImageSampleExplicitLod

Maniraj D (1):
      egl: set TSD as NULL after deinit

Marcin Ślusarz (2):
      iris: fix scratch address patching for TESS_EVAL stage
      intel: fix INTEL_DEBUG environment variable on 32-bit systems

Marek Olšák (1):
      mesa: fix crashes in the no_error path of glUniform

Mike Blumenkrantz (6):
      aux/pb: add a tolerance for reclaim failure
      aux/pb: more correctly check number of reclaims
      zink: use static array for detecting VK_TIME_DOMAIN_DEVICE_EXT
      zink: add a read barrier for indirect dispatch
      zink: fully zero surface creation struct
      zink: rescue surfaces/bufferviews for cache hits during deletion

Mykhailo Skorokhodov (2):
      iris: Add missed tile flush flag
      Revert "iris: add tile cache flush to iris_copy_region"

Neha Bhende (1):
      st: Fix 64-bit vertex attrib index for TGSI path

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (1):
      radeonsi: use viewport offset in quant_mode determination

Samuel Pitoiset (6):
      aco: do not return an empty string when disassembly is not supported
      radv: fix removing PSIZ when it's not emitted by the last VGT stage
      radv: fix OpImageQuerySamples with non-zero descriptor set
      radv: do not remove PSIZ for streamout shaders
      aco: fix invalid IR generated for b2f64 when the dest is a VGPR
      aco: fix emitting stream outputs when the first component isn't zero

Vinson Lee (1):
      anv: Fix assertion.

Witold Baryluk (2):
      zink: Do not access just freed zink_batch_state
      zink: Fully initialize VkBufferViewCreateInfo for hashing

Yiwei Zhang (2):
      dri_interface: remove obsolete interfaces
      dri_interface: remove gl header

git tag: mesa-21.3.0-rc2

SHA256: 64c15f6d72a8126dc8bff574a506f2e6377965586346a7f86dd2e3dfc077dcdd  mesa-21.3.0-rc2.tar.xz
SHA512: 0a185b91b9ba7b904afe1c1f8e8e71e0dcdd1a956233217f3ed755a232edb7e302cf07de1cd520a9e0aa5e250fcf98942514a0345106db1f49da64b9f4d7a939  mesa-21.3.0-rc2.tar.xz
PGP:  https://mesa.freedesktop.org/archive/mesa-21.3.0-rc2.tar.xz.sig

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