How to issue an "ifup broadband" when this is logged

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Thu Feb 9 09:18:05 UTC 2017

On Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 4:52 AM, Mark Wahlert <mark.wahlert at> wrote:
>> No.  In fact it's almost the exact opposite.  It was up today for 11 hours
>> straight but this was with nothing connected to it.  No pings no anything.
>> As soon as I connect a computer and start using it, it will go down anywhere
>> between 5 min and 45 min.  Sometimes faster sometimes slower.
> I have basically the same experiences.  My system will be stable
> overnight, but the moment I start connecting devices in the AM, it
> starts dropping the connection.  I posted MM debug logs in my
> "connection instability" thread if anyone beyond Aleksander wants to
> take a look at them.

Those logs don't say much I think, it's basically the modem reporting
that there is a (network initiated?) disconnection. so MM reports that
as well:

[/dev/cdc-wdm0] Received message...
>>>>>> RAW:
>>>>>>   length = 80
>>>>>>   data   = 07:00:00:80:50:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:01:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:A2:89:CC:33:BC:BB:8B:4F:B6:B0:13:3E:C2:AA:E6:DF:0C:00:00:00:24:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:03:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:7E:5E:2A:7E:4E:6F:72:72:73:6B:65:6E:7E:5E:2A:7E:00:00:00:00
[/dev/cdc-wdm0] Received message (translated)...
>>>>>> Header:
>>>>>>   length      = 80
>>>>>>   type        = indicate-status (0x80000007)
>>>>>>   transaction = 0
>>>>>> Fragment header:
>>>>>>   total   = 1
>>>>>>   current = 0
>>>>>> Contents:
>>>>>>   service = 'basic-connect' (a289cc33-bcbb-8b4f-b6b0-133ec2aae6df)
>>>>>>   cid     = 'connect' (0x0000000c)
<debug> [1486196931.947257] [mm-broadband-modem-mbim.c:2252]
device_notification_cb(): Received notification (service
'basic-connect', command 'connect')
<debug> [1486196931.947393] [mm-broadband-modem-mbim.c:2009]
basic_connect_notification_connect(): Session ID '0' was deactivated.
<debug> [1486196931.947476] [mm-broadband-modem-mbim.c:1972]
bearer_list_report_disconnected_status(): Bearer
'/org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Bearer/0' was disconnected.
<debug> [1486196931.947573] [mm-port.c:94] mm_port_set_connected():
(wwan0): port now disconnected
<info>  [1486196931.947749] [mm-iface-modem.c:1431]
__iface_modem_update_state_internal(): Modem
/org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/0: state changed (connected ->

Just to make sure there isn't any more info, I manually decoded all
the fields in that indication:

00:00:00:00 session id --> 0
03:00:00:00 activation state -> deactivated
00:00:00:00 voice call state -> none
00:00:00:00 ip type --> default
7E:5E:2A:7E:4E:6F:72:72:73:6B:65:6E:7E:5E:2A:7E context type -> Internet
00:00:00:00 nw error -> unset

Someone should add "printable" message contents to libmbim debug logs...


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