How to issue an "ifup broadband" when this is logged

Russ Westrem lspwaterproofing at
Fri Feb 10 18:46:55 UTC 2017

Ok.  So it seems I may have spoken a little too soon on the powered usb hub
working.  Here is something I have noticed.

It works for hours and hours at a time on bearer 0. Once an ifup is issued
to fix a downed connection the bearer changes to 1 then 2 and so on.  On
these other bearers the disconects happen after a few minutes consistently.

On Feb 10, 2017 11:11 AM, "lspwaterproofing" <lspwaterproofing at>

> 4 hours up using the usb powered hub.
> Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note5.
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> > Also I'm using the same exact modem in the same location on Ubuntu 16.04
> > using ModemManager with all the same settings and it stays up for hours
> with
> > no interruptions.  So its not a network issue.
> Ok, the network disconnection happen when using the modem on a router
> running LEDE, right? Maybe the router doesn't provide enough power in
> the USB port? Have you tried to use an external *powered* USB hub in
> between the modem and the router?
> --
> Aleksander
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