ANN: ModemManager 1.20.0 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksandermj at
Thu Oct 27 20:17:30 UTC 2022

Hey hey,

This is a new major release of ModemManager, which will be the base for the new 1.20.x stable series (the new "mm-1-20" branch in git).

Thanks to everyone involved!

ModemManager 1.20.0
This is a new stable release of ModemManager.

The following notes are directed to package maintainers:

  * This version now requires:
    ** libmbim >= 1.28.0 (for the optional MBIM support)
    ** libqmi >= 1.32.0 (for the optional QMI support)

  * There is no longer an upstream-provided source tarball, please use the signed git tag '1.20.0' instead to refer to the sources of this release.

  * This release supports meson as the primary build system. The GNU autotools support is considered deprecated and will no longer be used in future major releases. The 1.20.x releases will be the last ones including GNU autotools support.

The most important features and changes in this release are the following:

  * API:
    ** New 'Modem.Sar' interface to allow the host to manage the SAR power level.
    ** New 'Modem.GetCellInfo()' method, that allows querying information about the current serving and neighboring cells. Currently including 'cell-type' and 'serving' fields for all cell types, plus additional type-specific fields:
       *** CDMA: 'nid', 'sid', 'base-station-id', 'ref-pn' and 'pilot-strength'.
       *** GSM: 'operator-id', 'lac', 'ci', 'timing-advance', 'arfcn', 'base-station-id' and 'rx-level'.
       *** UMTS: 'operator-id', 'lac', 'ci', 'frequency-fdd-ul', 'frequency-fdd-dl', 'frequency-tdd', 'uarfcn', 'psc', 'rscp', 'ecio' and 'path-loss'.
       *** TDSCDMA: 'operator-id', 'lac', 'ci', 'uarfcn', 'cell-parameter-id', 'timing-advance', 'rscp' and 'path-loss'.
       *** LTE: 'operator-id', 'tac', 'ci', 'physical-ci', 'earfcn', 'rsrp', 'rsrq' and 'timing-advance'.
       *** 5GNR: 'operator-id', 'tac', 'ci', 'physical-ci', 'nrarfcn', 'rsrp', 'rsrq', 'sinr' and 'timing-advance'.
    ** New 'access-type-preference', 'roaming-allowance', 'profile-name', 'profile-enabled' and 'profile-source' fields in the 'Bearer.Properties' property, that can also be used in both 'Modem.Simple.Connect()' and 'Modem.CreateBearer()'.
    ** New 'Modem.Modem3gpp.SetPacketServiceState()' method and 'Modem.Modem3gpp.PacketServiceState' property, which allow management the explicit attach or detach to packet service on the current registered network.
    ** New 'Modem.Modem3gpp.SetNr5gRegistrationSettings()' method and 'Modem.Modem3gpp.Nr5gRegistrationSettings' property, to allow management of 5G specific settings like 'mico-mode' or 'drx-cycle'.
    ** New 'start-date', 'uplink-speed' and 'downlnk-speed' fields in the 'Bearer.Stats' property.
    ** New 'Bearer.ReloadStatsSupported' property to indicate whether reloading ongoing stats is supported or not.
    ** New 'Modem.Modem3gppProfileManager.IndexField' property, to indicate which field is to be used as unique index in the profile management operations.
    ** New 'Sim.SimType', 'Sim.EsimStatus' and 'Sim.Removability' properties to improve the management of eSIM related operations.
    ** New 'Sim.Gid1' and 'Sim.Gid2' properties, which allow identifying SIM cards that should have different settings applied.
    ** New 'Modem.Signal.SetupThresholds() method, 'Modem.Signal.RssiThreshold' and 'Modem.Signal.ErrorRateThreshold' to allow configuring thresholds so that the modem emits indications whenever the signal quality values change based on those thresholds. For RSSI a delta amount of dBm can be given, and for error rate just a boolean to enable or disable the corresponding event.
    ** New 'error-rate' fields in the 'Modem.Signal.Cdma', 'Modem.Signal.Evdo', 'Modem.Signal.Gsm', 'Modem.Signal.Umts', 'Modem.Signal.Lte' and 'Modem.Signal.Nr5g' properties.

  * Core:
    ** Detecting an eSIM without an active profile in the current SIM slot will lead to the modem being in Failed state, in the same way as if the slot was for a physical SIM and no SIM was inserted.
    ** Default amount of AT probing attempts is updated to 6, to cope with modems that are slower to boot.
    ** New '--test-mbimex-profile-management' option in the daemon, to enable support for profile management operations using the Microsoft extensions. This is an optional feature because it requires using the 'apn-type' field as unique index, which not all users of the profile management API may expect.
    ** Implemented some initial support to automatically hide personal details (e.g. phone numbers, SMS contents...) from logs, right now only applicable to QMI and MBIM logs. Updated support for this feature will keep on being integrated in future 1.20.x updates. The new '--log-personal-info' option in the daemon allows to disable this feature completely.
    ** Added new filter match option for subsystem vendor id, required in several PCI based Qualcomm modules.
    ** QCDM port probing will no longer automatically run for all plugins, only in those that explicitly require it.
    ** Implemented support for suspend/resume detection based on ChromeOS' powerd daemon.
    ** Added Cat-M and NB-IoT LPWA access technologies.

  * Modem interface:
    ** On 3GPP+3GPP2 multimode devices, a missing SIM card will now force the modem into Failed state, as if it was a 3GPP-only device.

  * Simple interface:
    ** Explicitly wait for PS domain to be attached during a connection attempt.

  * 3GPP interface:
    ** Updated to report domain registration changes altogether whenever possible (e.g. when using the QMI or MBIM protocols).

  * MBIM:
    ** Implemented support to use the Microsoft-defined MBIM extensions v2 and v3 whenever supported by the device. The ModemManager daemon will negotiate which version to use with the modem, so that the highest version supported is enabled. This negotiation applies to the whole device, so any other user of the MBIM device will automatically start using the newly agreed version.
    ** Implemented current modes switching using MBIMEx v2.0 extensions.
    ** Trigger explicit disconnection if a connection attempt fails.
    ** Modem will be flagged as unusable if 10 consecutive MBIM requests timeout.
    ** Enabled multiplex support for devices in the WWAN subsystem.

  * QMI:
    ** Updated logic to by default prefer 'Signal Info' over the deprecated 'Signal Strength' operations.
    ** Updated logic to by default prefer 'System Info' over the deprecated 'Serving System' operations.
    ** Updated power state transition logic to ensure the new state is reached before returning success to the user.
    ** Implemented support for the 'Modem3gppProfileManager.Updated' signal using PDC refresh notifications.
    ** Modem will be flagged as unusable if 10 consecutive QMI requests timeout.
    ** Implemented DTMF support.
    ** Implemented support for automatic SIM IMSI switch detection under certain roaming scenarios.
    ** Updated the logic to move the PS domain state to 'registered' based on the DSD System Status indications.
    ** Updated endpoint type detection logic to be based on the net driver.
    ** Updated endpoint number selection to be based on the data port.
    ** Updated connection logic to allocate separate WDS clients per endpoint.
    ** Added support for PCO reporting.

  * plugins:
    ** quectel: Added FCC unlock support for the EM05-G.
    ** telit: Band management updated to prefer using QMI whenever available, as well as to detect the #BND command format automatically.
    ** telit: Added support for LPWA modems.
    ** fibocom: Implemented optional support to power down and up the modem during the update of the initial EPS bearer settings.
    ** fibocom: Implemented initial EPS bearer settings management in the MA510.
    ** intel: New generic plugin for Intel PCI devices with vid 0x8086.
    ** xmm: Prefer GNSS control ports explicitly tagged via udev tags.
    ** foxconn: Use the new FOX QMI service to load firmware version.
    ** cinterion: Added support for PCIe based devices.

The following features which were backported to 1.18.x releases are also present in ModemManager 1.20.0:

  * core: added support for external FCC unlock scripts that the user must manually enable; automatic FCC unlocking will no longer happen.
  * core: added support for connection/disconnection notification dispatcher scripts, used primarily in the openwrt integration in order to report network initiated disconnects.
  * udev: fixed shell globing patterns in rules.
  * sms: default send timeout updated to 5min.
  * sms: merge WDP multipart CDMA WAP messages.
  * qmi: fixed capabilities management in multimode 4G/5G devices.
  * mbim: fixed network initiated disconnections by not comparing context type.
  * qcom-soc: plugin enabled by default in build.
  * foxconn: added support for T99W265 modems.
  * fibocom: added support for FM101 modems.
  * cinterion: added support for PLSx3w modems.
  * telit: added support for new LE910S1, LE910Cx and LN920 compositions.


About ModemManager:

Download and verify:
     $ git clone --depth 1 --branch 1.20.0
     $ cd ModemManager
     $ git tag --verify 1.20.0

APIs and manpages here:

Please report bugs either to:
     modemmanager-devel at

Or to gitlab:
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