[Nice] Change NiceComponentState to NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_READY

Ashish Gupta ashmew2 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 23:41:33 PDT 2013


I'm currently working to implement FT support in Pidgin for GTalk. I was
stuck at traversing the NAT for a long time but then libnice came to the
rescue :D

I can successfully enumerate my local candidates and send them to the peer
on the other side using XMPP. The problem is, that as the remote candidates
are received and added/updated on the NiceAgent, the state of the
associated component goes to either NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_CONNECTED or

Since I basically want to write/read to a channel , I'm listening to the
"reliable-transport-writable" signal so that I can proceed with sending GET
requests on HTTP.

I've gone through the documentation and as far as I could understand, the
"reliable-transport-writable" signal will be emitted once the _READY state
is achieved.

Any ideas on how I could tackle this problem?

Since the _CONNECTED state means that at least one usable candidate pair
was found, is it possible to somehow "force" the state to _READY and use
the same candidate pair?

Thanks a lot,

Ashish Gupta
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