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David Feurle david.feurle at sodgeit.de
Mon Feb 9 06:02:09 PST 2015

Hi Maxim,

thanks for your answer! You mention a different mailing list? Where is 
it and how can I join it?

I *had* some problems getting libnice to compile and run nicely. The 
Visual Studio project files in the newer versions do not contain all the 
new files and contain some deleted files.
I managed to fix this issue and was trying to give my changes back, so 
the next person trying to compile in windows will not have to do the same.

I was using the old glib because the Readme.win32 explicitely states 
this old and dated version,
but libnice does no longer compile with it.

I was asking someone with commit rights on the libnice repo to commit my 
patch to the libnice repo.

Best regards,


Am 09.02.2015 um 14:32 schrieb Максим Ерёменко:
> *I'm resending this message correctly to show it in mailing list 2*
> Hello David, I was compiling libnice under windows like a year ago, as 
> I remember I was compiling an included examples, and after some minor 
> code changes (due to some changes in glib declarations from the old 
> versions) it was working fine in testing on local machine, but i had a 
> problems- not being able to connect through web, perhabs due to turned 
> off upnp suport in libnice, and to turn it on You need to compile 
> under window some another libs, and some of them without official win 
> compability and there i stuck (And throw it idea away cos i found 
> another way form my purpose), i was commiting changes on their git for 
> win32 compile readme and examples code, but if you have the same 
> problem it seems that they not submited it for some reason.
> Therefore it IS possible to compile this under modern glib under win32 
> as I remember (or why dont you just get an older version of glib?).
> Perhabs youll need to compare differences in code, used in examples 
> (if you are trying to compile examples) and edit them acoording to 
> official glib doc. If you will be stuck completely, drop me a mail, i 
> will dig in some oldies left from time i was compiling libnice, and 
> perhabs will be able to help you with more precision, but honestly for 
> the moment i don't remember clearly what was the whole buzz, and 
> problems of my compilation.
> 2015-02-08 8:22 GMT+03:00 David Feurle <david.feurle at sodgeit.de 
> <mailto:david.feurle at sodgeit.de>>:
>     Hi,
>     I am trying to use libnice to establish some p2p sockets between
>     two machines on windows.
>     While building the lib on windows I had some problems - which I
>     was able to fix.
>     There were some files missing and some of the source files were
>     not mentioned in the Visual Studio project file(s). Another
>     problem was to find a prebuild gtk environment libnice compiles
>     with (the one mentioned in the Readme is too old).
>     Is it possible to get this changes included so other users would
>     be able to build it directly?
>     I did create a repo with a compiling libnice on github:
>     https://github.com/linux-fan-dave/libnice-windows-fork
>     Thanks for this great library!
>     David
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