[libnice] Connection problem in the latest Libnice version

Jagannath Panda jpanda at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 24 07:18:09 PST 2015


We are evaluating Libnice for some P2P application on Windows platform.
I am able use the 0.1.5 version for P2P communications. But when I use
latest Libnice 0.1.10, the peers are not able to connect.

The ICE candidates generated from these versions are quite different in 
exact same system. Below are the candidates from both versions. Is there 
any issue in the candidate gathering in my environment with the latest version?
Or do I need to do anything different in the Libnice intialization program for  
the new version?

Candidate gathered by Libnice 0.1.5
zixa SRVTatDcDJH8AV1wPL3YkU 1,2013266431,
,53771,host 2,2013266431,,53772,host 3,2013266431,,5377
3,host 4,1677721855,,53771,srflx

Candidate gathered by Libnice 0.1.10
kYwt Th9LeMy75eDkUMjXjOF3kf 1,1006633471,
,53148,host 2,2025849343,,0,host 3,2021655039,,57493,h
ost 4,1006633471,fe80::35c4:4a6c:820e:cabd,53149,host 5,2025849343,fe80::35c4:4a
6c:820e:cabd,0,host 6,2021655039,fe80::35c4:4a6c:820e:cabd,57494,host 7,10066334
71,fe80::3152:4ae6:98:6223,53150,host 8,2025849343,fe80::3152:4ae6:98:6223,0,hos
t 9,2021655039,fe80::3152:4ae6:98:6223,57495,host 10,1006633471,,53
151,host 11,2025849343,,0,host 12,2021655039,,57496,ho
st 13,1006633471,fe80::5029:f9e0:d7f5:1798,53152,host 14,2025849343,fe80::5029:f
9e0:d7f5:1798,0,host 15,2021655039,fe80::5029:f9e0:d7f5:1798,57497,host 16,10066
33471,,53153,host 17,2025849343,,0,host 18,2021655039,19,57498,host 19,838861311,,53148,srflx 20,1686110719,117
.197.247.202,0,srflx 21,1681916415,,57493,srflx

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