[libnice] Force an external address (srflx) candidate?

Juan Navarro juan.navarro at gmx.es
Thu Oct 15 09:30:18 UTC 2020

Thanks for your comments; however I believe this would indeed fall into
the category of feature request, because after looking at all the docs
and even checking a bit of the code, it's not apparent to me that this
possibility is offered.

On 14/10/20 23:22, Stuart Marshall wrote:
> Juan, to further answer your question: we’re using libnice for our
> server. However, I had to upgrade the libnice to a private build from
> the tip of libnice master. The default libnice on Ubuntu 18.04 had a
> bunch of bugs that prevented ICE negotiation from working well. The
> latest libnice seems to work well (albeit a bit slowly), but you may
> not be able to use the standard ones that come with your distro. I
> haven’t checked the version of libnice in Ubuntu 20.04. I think it was
> updated, but not sure if it has all the recent(ish) bugfixes.

Yeah we also build our own binaries, to stay on top of latest fixes, to
generate GStreamer bindings for our fork of GStreamer, but also to add
the "G_DISABLE_ASSERT" flag, which disables assertions in runtime
(otherwise when libnice find a bug and goes to a wrong state, it will
make the whole process crash; I get it's a good method for testing and
finding bugs, but not for production where a crash is the last thing you
want to happen)

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