[Openchrome-devel] Chrome9

Rafał Miłecki zajec5
Sat Jul 18 00:16:15 PDT 2009

W dniu 18 czerwca 2009 20:39 u?ytkownik Jon Nettleton
<jon.nettleton at gmail.com> napisa?:
> We appreciate your input here, but we would prefer more constructive
> criticisms. ?This isn't getting done fast enough, or this isn't fixing
> my problem is just not of much use to anyone other than yourself. ?In
> the real world of business and partnerships a relationship is built over
> time. ?During the last year I have been very happy with the progress
> that VIA has made working on getting information to us. ?We intend to
> use every bit of information we get. ?Right now Xorg/DRI/Mesa are in a
> very big turning point and openchrome is a very small project. ?Wasting
> our man hours on changing api's and technologies is just not an option
> for us. ?I think now that the future of drivers in both Xorg and the
> kernel are becoming a bit clearer, we will start seeing more progress on
> the Chrome9 front.

Thank you for any answer for my last mail almost month ago.

Should I really comment anything as VIA now announcted they won't give
us Mesa/Gallium 3D driver? That's too obvious for me how VIA *really*
treats their users.

Rafa? Mi?ecki

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