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Mario Rugiero mrugiero
Sat Feb 18 12:44:24 PST 2012

2012/2/16 James Simmons <jsimmons at infradead.org>

>        As everyone here as seen a new release, 0.2.905 was done. Now that
> has
> been done we can set our goal to the next release 0.3.0 which is currently
> the kms_branch. My goal is have a release by June 1. The targets for next
> release will be RandR support and well as having KMS support. After the
> xorg driver starts funneling into distros we can then think about merging
> the drm-openchrome branch, but that is a further down the road.
>        For the last several weeks fixes where being done for both UMS
> and KMS support. For the drm-openchrome kernel I have fixed the bugs
> outstanding the was preventing the xf86-video-modesetting driver from
> working. Last night the generic modesetting driver was running and I
> managed to even use RandR with no major problems. Also the hardware cursor
> ass implemented for the kernel tree so the modesetting driver no longer
> has problem with the cursor code. With these improvements I will be able
> to very soon implement KMS support in the openchrome xorg driver.
>        As for the UMS side a few bugs have been polished off. IGA mapping
> to output was introduced. This fixed the annoying no cursor problem on
> VX900 laptops. RandR resolution changing was also fixed. The LVDS also saw
> a major face lift to clean it up. The LVDS issues outstanding is for a way
> to get the native resolution without a EDID block or using the scratch
> register. I have some test code that needs some work. Also multiple
> displays also still has problems that need to be resolved.
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> James, with your latest kernel revision I get a panic due to bad
allocations at startup.
Also, the problem I was having with the X.org driver (the one who mostly
killed my graphic environment) is now in master too.
I'm not sure how to switch revisions, but when I figure that out I might
try to make a regtest with master to look for the guilty commit.
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