[Openicc] Profile installation and association for Linux/Unix/X11

Graeme Gill graeme at argyllcms.com
Wed Apr 23 09:18:02 PDT 2008

Hal V. Engel wrote:
> My point was that we would like to see color controls integrated into the 
> desktop environment as a standard part of the DE at some point.  Will KDE 
> and/or GNOME accept a new configuration system that has a dependency on 
> something like Elektra?  If this is not an issue for them then I personally 
> don't have a concern with it but I suspect it will be an issue.   Anyone from 
> the KDE or GNOME projects care to comment. 

If they're not having to deal directly with (say) Elektra, will they care ?
One of the ideas of a system CMM is that it provides the color API's,
including configuration.

> In addition, Elektra is currently not widely used and many distros don't even 
> have a package to install it.  For example my own distro does not have a 
> standard package and available third party packages do not have a version 
> that will work with the git version of Oyranos (the available packages are 
> not new enough) so I have to hand install Elektra at this point in time.  In 
> other words Elektra is currently not considered mature enough to be included 
> in many distros.  So this is another perhaps short term concern.

I don't know. If various initiatives to provide needed infra-structure
are resisted, progress is very slow (I've certainly seen some of the hostility
to things like autopackage, mainly I suspect because it threatens the current
cozy distro-oriented world of Linux). Even if one is wedded to the idea of
human readable configuration files (and I have some sympathy for that, as long
as they aren't XML), at least there could be a standard format and standard
library for reading and writing them. I had a quick look at what X11 is using,
but it appears to be very oriented to xorg.conf, rather than a more
general purpose library.

Graeme Gill.

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