[Openicc] Thoughts

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Tue May 10 12:47:03 PDT 2011

Am 08.05.2011 18:42, schrieb James Cloos:
> Is anyone here active in the IEEE’s PWG?
> Among their other working groups, they are currently working on a
> specification for “cloud printing”¹.  The two interesting outcomes
> should be a strong takeup by the printer manufacturers of IPP over
> USB and the PWGRaster² format.  That combination should have a
> /significant/ positive impact on our needs.
> It is very unlikely that there will be any significant use of the CPD
> except for legacy apps (which currently use lpr(1) or lp(1)) and as an
> example dialog the authors of frameworks like GTK and qt might use when
> designing their own print dialogs.  Ie, a separate application will not
> fly for most apps authors.
> As such, we should not rely on or wait for the CPD.  Most of the use of
> the initialism CPD instead should specify “print dialog”.

We need a specific dialog if we want to provide a example implementation
inside a GUI. Of course the OpenICC GSoC project should work as well
from the command line and standalone.

Still as our work is cross desktop I am much attracted by cross desktop
approaches like presented with CPD.

kind regards

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