[Openicc] colord 0.1.9 released - CM Framework - Printer Driver

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Mon Jun 20 07:02:25 PDT 2011

Am 20.06.2011 13:47, schrieb Jan-Peter Homann:
> Hello Richard and all,
> As Mike Sweet rejected the idea, to embedd the target printer profile
> of a "..toraster" conversion into to resulting CUPS raster file, we
> have to think about an alternative strategy to synchronize the
> colormanagement in "..toraster" and the printer driver settings.
> To allow working with printer profiles which are offered as a download
> from e.g.
> - web profile repository
> - webpage from driver vendor / project
> - webpage from media vendor
> - remote ICC profiling service
> I would recommend, that we include following data as ICCdictype
> metadata into ICC printer profiles
> - CUPS qualifiers for
>     - mediatype
>     - resolution/quality
> (this is needed for synchronizing printer profile selection, with the
> GUI of the chooser like e.g. CPD)
> - driver setup (e.g. Gutenprint)
> The role of the CM framework (g-c-m / colord or Oyranos) would be to be
> 1) installing of new printer profiles into the system
> 2) extracting CUPS-qualifiers from the installed printer profiles with
> interface to the print chooser
> 3) extracting driver setup metadata from the installed printer profiles
> 4 receive information from the print chooser about the selected CUPS
> qualifiers
> 5) send information to gstoraster for the printer profile according
> print chooser selection
> 6) send information to driver (e.g. Gutenprint) about the correct
> driver setup for the printjob
> Richard and Kai-Uwe,
> Could you please comment especially the point 3) and 6) from your
> perspective. Doy you plan to integrate such functionalizy into your CM
> framework, or do you would prefer another workflow for synchronizing
> printer profile selection and driver setup ?

2. Oyranos' CUPS module can read the qualifiers, but they are generally
too limited for many use cases.
3. Yes, Oyranos' CUPS module has code for this.
4. XCPD/Oyranos do not limit just to three CUPS qualifiers as it was
pointed out that is not enough.
5. XCPD will embedd a ICC profile into the PDF OutputIntent.
6. XCPD will handle this by normal print options.

ColourWiki and the XCPD blog have more details details about the
usability goals, the architecture and the status of the current

kind regards

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