[Openicc] Gutenprint team requests CM-off for a print queue be provided as a maintained engineering facility.

Robert Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Thu May 10 06:11:54 PDT 2012

On Thu, 10 May 2012 13:49:50 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:
> On 10 May 2012 13:34, Graeme Gill <graeme at argyllcms.com> wrote:
>> Without the ability to print targets though, the whole print
>> chain is worthless since there's no way of color profiling it.
> I agree, but that doesn't mean that we should let users profile
> targets by printing in GIMP, eye-of-gnome and Picasa. Instead it makes
> perfect sense to have either a power-user application that's designed
> for doing this kind of thing, or even a command line utility that can
> print a target on the local system without doing any CM. Putting the
> opt-out checkbox in all GUI applications is the wrong thing to do in
> my opinion.

Actually, it *does* mean precisely that we should "let" users profile
targets by printing from GIMP (for example).  If you're a power GIMP
user, it may be the easiest way to print an image.

And as noted, if this option is in the PPD file, GTK can do nothing
about it unless it wants to special case it (or just not provide options
that it doesn't explicitly know about, which would be problematic in
other ways).  In the abstract, I don't favor this (it means that whether
the option is available or not depends upon who wrote the PPD file), but
if it's the only way to accomplish it, I'll live with it.  It's not like
it's going to be hard to add this additional option in Gutenprint; just
a handful of lines in genppd.c.
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