MinGW build findings

Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Tue Oct 25 13:43:43 PDT 2011

Stef Walter on 10/25/2011 03:26 PM wrote:
> Out of interest, were you able to run the tests 'make check'? One fails
> for me, and I haven't had chance to figure out how to fix it.

Yes, but I received one failure in hash-test, some tests passed, and 
then wine crashed.

Running the programs inside a real Windows machine showed worse results. 
p11-kit.exe crashes upon calling it as do all other tests except for 
hash-test (same failure as when run under wine) and ptr-array-test (OK 
(8 tests)).

> Ah, yes, good ol #ifdef's strike again :/  Applied, and pushed to git
> master.


> Someone else (Dr. Volker Zell) caught this too and had a different patch
> for this, which links to the $(LTLIBINTL) environment variable. I've
> pushed that patch, since it seems more correct. Does it fix the issue
> for you?

Yes, I just saw his email. I tried his patch in place of mine and it works.


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