[packagekit] Res: PolicyKit, PackageKit or apt backend

dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Tue Aug 19 07:20:46 PDT 2008

Huston we got a problem :P
Well i really don't know if this was already discussed here
but i just discovered that at least on Debian based systems
we have a problem that might not be only packagekit related.
one of the things about the last message is because the system
update (or even a update package) causing the update of DBUS
will cause the communication between ui and packagekit from
happen and also consolekit got stoped...
and if i manually start dbus i have to relogin to have a polkit
So what should be done? the ui will be like that forever..
and if dbus don't automatically starts all the other thing on
the system will stop working (as now my battery monitor show n/a)

this only happens on debian ? i mean only debian says to dbus
to restart itself? or others distro also have this problem?

comments please,

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Assunto: [packagekit] PolicyKit, PackageKit or apt backend

I'm not sure this is related with
PolicyKit, PackageKit or apt backend.

But I'm having troubles..
well it happened when i installed
a new version of packagekit and
it also updated the apt backend.
then cosolekit started to stop working
i could only solve it purging and
upgrating to unstable (but it wasn't
updated before i update packagekit)
the ck-list-sessions where working just for yesterday.

Ok today i turn on my laptop and ck-list-sessions
again stopped...hmmm
i logout and login... and there it was working again
(I think packagekit is killing somehow policykit,
and the reason for me to believe is because there is a
process running on the background to check for
packages updates).

So working fine.. i decided to test the system updates
that i just implemented... :D 

I click on refresh cache 
just to have the lastest list...
then upgrade..(system-update)
well the first time it didn't worked (pretty sure is apt related
because it already happened other times)
then i clicked again it started to download..
then installing.. and after a while it restarted my dbus an i 
lost my conection... and the transaction stuck at 79 %

i waited...
not too long i did a ps aux...
what a surprise? nor packagekit nor apt backend where running
and ck-list-session also stoped working...

so.. i really don't have any idea who's fault is..
but if you have a way to help me debug this
behavior i'll apreciate.


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