[packagekit] PackageKit App-Install

Matthias Klumpp matthias at nlinux.org
Thu May 20 12:45:53 PDT 2010

Hi again!
(Wow, this was a _very_ fast reply!)

@Richard: Thank you for your answers!

>> Will AppInstall be able to load the existing data of Debian app-install?
> Sure. The idea is to ship the app-install data instead of the older
> format data, and to generate the data for more distros (like fedora).
> I'm going to be pushing app-install hard for F14, and do some kind of
> app-install type thing in GNOME.
Would it make sense to push the current set of applications to make/update
the database (the code on Github, which has a release tarball on
packagekit.org) to Debian as new package in this early state?

<dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br> wrote:
> Hi,
> In this last UDS we discussed about these stuff
> and what we are going to do is to support App-Install
> and change KPackageKit to be a little like sw-center,
> right now I'm trying to fix some bugs in KPackageKit
> and integrate debconf support which is more important
> atm, if you are willing to help I'd appreciate.
I would love to help, if I can. I'm a very experienced Pascal LCL developer
(which is useless here) who learned C++ on Windows. And C++ on Linux is
different than on Windows because you need to know a completely new
toolkit. I try to improve my skills at time by learning Qt where I made
good progress, but I'm far away from writing Qt/C++ code as fast and good
as I wrote Win/C++ code. (Actually I have to lookup most of the API Qt has)
Apart from this I have experience in Debian packaging/maintaining (and RPM
building too), I know how Debconf works, I have experience with basic
technologies like DBus, GLib and PolicyKit. blahblah :-P
> My nick is dantti on irc,
I'll try to contact you.

Thanks to all four your help!

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