[Piglit] Deleting ~20% of glean/no more directory spam

Marek Olšák maraeo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 09:49:37 PST 2013

These tests aren't sufficiently covered by piglit tests and should be kept:
- fragProg1 (our main test for ARB_fragment_program, the piglit tests
aren't so useful as this one)
- paths (the only test for polygon stippling apart from pbo?)
- pbo
- stencil2 (tests glStencilMaskSeparate)
- vertProg1 (our main test for ARB_vertex_program, the piglit tests
aren't so useful as this one)

I'd also like to keep glsl1. I doubt it's fully covered by piglit
tests, and the more shader tests, the better.

I'd like to keep readPixSanity as well. It used to report failures
with r600g which no other test could reproduce IIRC.

My personal preference is to keep as many tests as possible, even
though some are partially redundant with piglit tests.


On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 4:59 PM, Brian Paul <brian.e.paul at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 7:40 PM, Kenneth Graunke <kenneth at whitecape.org> wrote:
>> Now that Piglit's import of Glean is beginning to diverge from Glean proper,
>> my hope is that someday people will port over various tests to the native
>> Piglit framework, then delete the equivalent Glean code.  A bit more work
>> is necessary, like adding multi-visual support to Piglit, but we want to do
>> that anyway.
> I've gone through the list of piglist tests (generated by glean
> --listtests) and I think I've identified the ones to port to piglit
> vs. discard.  About half should probably be ported.  Some of these
> have already been disabled in piglit.
> api2                discard (no real value)
> basic               discard (not a real test)
> basicPerf           discard (perf)
> makeCurrent         discard (n/a to piglit)
> blendFunc           keep
> bufferObject        keep
> texBindPerf         discard (perf)
> clipFlat            keep
> depthStencil        keep
> fbo                 probably discard (covered by piglit tests)
> fpexceptions        keep
> fragProg1           discard (covered by piglit)
> getString           discard (no value)
> glsl1               discard (covered by piglit)
> logicOp             keep
> maskedClear         keep
> occluQry            keep
> orthoPosRandTris    keep
> orthoPosRandRects   keep
> orthoPosTinyQuads   keep
> orthoPosHLines      keep
> orthoPosVLines      keep
> orthoPosPoints      keep
> paths               discard (not too valuable)
> pbo                 maybe keep (covered by piglit?)
> polygonOffset       keep
> pixelFormats        discard (see piglit texture-packed-formats.c)
> pointAtten          keep
> pointSprite         keep
> exactRGBA           discard (always fails)
> readPixSanity       discard (not needed)
> readpixPerf         discard (perf)
> rgbTriStrip         discard (any value?)
> scissor             keep
> shaderAPI           discard (covered by piglit)
> stencil2            discard (see piglit stencil-twoside.c)
> teapot              discard (perf)
> texCombine          keep
> texCombine4         keep
> texCube             discard (see piglit cubemap.c)
> texEnv              keep
> texgen              keep
> texRect             keep
> texSwizzle          discard (see piglit tex-swizzle.c)
> texture_srgb        discard (see piglit tex-srgb.c)
> texUnits            keep
> vertArrayBGRA       discard (see piglit bgra-sec-color-pointer.c,
> bgra-vert-attrib-pinter.c)
> vertattrib          discard (don't care about GL_NV_vertex_program)
> vertProg1           discard (covered by piglit)
> coloredTexPerf2     discard (perf)
> coloredLitPerf2     discard (perf)
> -Brian
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