[Piglit] [PATCH v1] Porting the OpenGL shading language from Glean to Piglit.

Brian Paul brianp at vmware.com
Wed Oct 14 10:09:14 PDT 2015

On 10/14/2015 02:33 AM, Juliet Fru wrote:
> Hello Brian,
>     Please post a plan for what you're doing before you do all the work
>     to make sure you don't do anything unnecessary.
>     Like I said before, most of the glsl1 tests should already be
>     covered by existing shader runner tests.  There's probably not too
>     many that need to be ported.
>              I don't like this at all. These tests should become
>         shader_test files
>              -- not just a straight port from glean to the piglit framework.
> I have been looking at the shader_test files and the shader_lang tests I
> see they're covered in the shader directory. I don't know if porting
> this test is necessary if not I'll like to know which tests should be
> moved as the shader_test files.

I think just a hand-full of tests could be ported to shader_runner tests.

"current name" and (place to put new test):

"gl_Position not written check"  (tests/spec/glsl-1.10/linker/)

"varying var mismatch"    (tests/spec/glsl-1.10/linker/)

"varying read but not written"  (tests/spec/glsl-1.10/linker/)

"illegal assignment"   (tests/spec/glsl-1.10/compiler/)

"continue with no loop"   (tests/spec/glsl-1.10/compiler/)

"break with no loop"      (tests/spec/glsl-1.10/compiler/)

"if (boolean-scalar) check"  (tests/spec/glsl-1.10/compiler/)

There _may_ be shader runner tests already for some of these, but I 
didn't find them with a quick search.


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